What’s The Best Standing-To-Sitting Ratio For Your UPDESK?

UPDESK is a company that offers height-adjustable standing desks and ergonomic accessories, so it makes sense that we'd talk a lot about their health benefits. If you're a regular reader of our blog posts, you know we love to point out how "sitting is the new smoking" and by now you're aware that it's good to spend a little time standing while you work. But exactly how long should you spend standing at your desk?

The Kinesiology Department of the University of Waterloo recently did a study that helps answer that question and we think the results will surprise you. It turns out that there's no magic number for the exact amount of time you should stand while working at your computer desk. But, there is a magic ratio or at least a magic ratio range.

The University of Waterloo study found that the ideal standing-to-sitting ratio is between 1:1 and 3:1. The kinesiologists at the University of Waterloo say that you should stand at least an hour for every hour you spend sitting. And they say that there are health benefits to standing for up to three hours for every hour you spend sitting.

So, if you spend eight hours at your office desk each day you should spend between four and six hours of that day standing. Don't worry, though. If you've already been sitting at your desk for three hours today and you're just now reading this, don't jump up and stand the rest of the day to make up for all the sitting.

That's one of the big mistakes people make. Just like all things in life standing is best done in moderation. Standing for more than an hour at a time may result in back pain.

The trick is to switch back and forth between sitting and standing. Try sitting for the first 15-30 minutes of each hour then stand for the remainder of that hour. Movement is key!

Sit. Stand. Repeat. It probably sounds like a lot of up and down. We've all gotten healthy-lifestyle tips that were inconvenient to follow.

That's the beauty of a standing desk like the UPDESK. With the push of a button, you can set your desk to just the height you want. Not only does this help alleviate the health risks associated with being sedentary, it can also help you reset your mind and get your focus back on your work. 

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