Are you looking for ways to make the most of the space under your standing desk? Lucky for you we have extensive experience in stashing things under our UpDesks and can share some of our wisdom with you. Here are some of the top ways to utilize the space under your standing desk:

1. Organizational Baskets

Consider placing organizational baskets or filing cabinets underneath your ergonomic desk. Having some organizational space underneath your desk will keep your office neat and tidy (or at least make it appear neat and tidy if you're like me and don't organize your organization cabinets).

2. Trash Can

Putting your trash can under your workstation will keep it out of the way. It will also open up more space in the rest of your office.

3. Bin of Clothes

Do you want to keep a jacket in your office in case you get chilly? Do you want a spare change of clothes or an extra pair of shoes that are easily accessible? Consider getting a small bin with a lid to put under your desk. Put some extra clothes or shoes in the bin so they can be easily reached!

4. Yoga Mat

If you love doing yoga you can easily keep your yoga mat underneath your standing desk. This way you can grab it during your lunch break in order to do a few stretches in the park or at your stand up desk. Or keep your Spooner Board in that space so you can pull it out at a moment's notice to work on those soon-to-be rock hard abs of yours.

When you own an UpDesk you can turn your office into a creative haven. And by following these tips you can make the most of the space under your desk too. When your friends and coworkers see your UpDesk they'll want one of their own. Find out more about our standing desks by contacting us today!

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