At UpDesk we know you care about having fun at work just as much as you care about doing a great job and staying healthy. You've got your standing desk; you've got exercises to keep fit at your height adjustable desk; you've even got a few fun games to break up even the most monotonous work days. What's the next step in staying healthy and energized at work? Staying hydrated.

According to the American Heart Association a body that stays hydrated means a heart that doesn't have to work as hard to keep blood flowing and muscles healthy. Not only can dehydration lead to serious conditions like heat stroke it's also an easy way to general physical annoyances like swollen feet headaches and poor digestion. Basically you need water. All the time. And UpDesk can help. With our handy-dandy cup holder you can hold pretty much any type of H2O vessel whether it's round square or oblong.

That's not all you can put in this cup holder that seamlessly attaches to your stand up desk... Here are a few of our favorite liquid treats to find their home in the UpDesk cup holder:


While everyone knows that detoxing from coffee will actually help you have more energy we're the first ones to admit that coffee is a hard habit to kick - especially on early Monday mornings. With the unique design of the UpDesk cup holder your coffee mug of any size can snugly rest at your side always ready for that little jolt you need.

Green Smoothies

Have you hopped on the green smoothie train yet? Because we have. Whip up a green smoothie with delicious greens like kale or spinach and drop it in the cup holder firmly attached to your desk. And if the idea of a green smoothie sounds like drinking sludge to you never fear my friends. Try a colorful blended fruit smoothie with blueberries and bananas - talk about super fruits.


UpDesk has some great ideas for refreshing drinks to help you beat the heat...and that afternoon office slump. Check out our unique take on lemonade limeade and even slushie recipes here and try one out for yourself. When your energy wanes or you need a fresh squeeze to reinvigorate your afternoon stir up one of these bad boys slip it in your cup holder and push that desk chair aside - you've still got energy for days.

Stay hydrated with UpDesk... Order your cup holder today and experience all the ways you can stay energized at work. You'll start reaping the benefits of a well-hydrated body in a snap - once you get used to more frequent bathroom breaks. And if you're ready to order your cup holder AND UpDesk height adjustable desk give us a call today!

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