There are dozens of reasons you should consider buying an UpDesk: standing desks increase focus reduce stress and guard against a myriad of health issues. With such a long list of pros it's no wonder that so many people are flocking to buy their own height adjustable desk. But did you know that the chair you choose is also an important factor (for those standing to sitting breaks we all need)? We have three different types of chairs available at UpDesk to go along with your stand up desk and each of them have a unique set of strengths. Here are a few things you might want to know about our chairs:

1. The Budget Chair: Yes Task Chair

At just under $300 this chair is perfect for anyone who is pinching pennies. The chair has a three-stage locking tilt 360º swivel and a synchronous seat/back tilt. Although it's the most basic chair it's still the perfect accompaniment to your desk. With a contoured lumbar area and mesh-back support this is one chair you won't want to miss. It comes with a 12 year warranty and shipping is free. Regardless of your budget you'll be able to afford this excellent option.

2. The Posture Chair: Discovery Support Chair

This chair is the go-to option for anyone who wants to improve their posture. The chair is height adjustable so you can switch the settings to match the height of your desk. It also features a contoured padded seat for optimal comfort. In addition the chair features a tilt base and sliding seat for added allure. The chair costs around $500 but shipping is free. Plus it comes with a 12 year warranty. This is the perfect chair for anyone who prizes both health and comfort.

3. The Body Movement Chair: OM5 Intuition Chair

This chair comes with an intuitive design that follows your body movements and automatically holds your position. Whether you sit up or lean back the chair will automatically respond to the differing pressure and weight distribution so you don't have to worry about manually tilting or adjusting it. The poly flex back slats feature contouring mesh support and the button-adjustable arms have a 3-inch height range. The chair costs around $700 but it's the perfect option for anyone who wants a highly personalized chair that contours to their body type and movements. As with the other options this one comes with free shipping.

It's no secret that people from all walks of life benefit from standing desks. But picking the right chair for your workstation is another important part of the endeavor.

If you have any questions about our chairs be sure to contact us today. We're eager to help in any way that we can!

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