Are you in the market for an UpDesk? With four great options to choose from we have a standing desk that is perfect for you. Here's what you need to know about each desk:

1. PowerUp Standing Desk

Our state-of-the-art PowerUp desk is equipped with an electrically powered lift system so that you can easily transition from a normal sitting desk to your stand up desk. You can switch between the two different modes simply by pushing a button. The PowerUp comes in four unique colors (maple mahogany black and orange) so you can easily customize it to fit your personality and individuality. With a 300 pound weight capacity this workstation can handle anything that's thrown at it.

Who It's For: Ergonomically-minded individuals who want to tailor their desk to fit their own personality and needs.

2. CrankUp Standing Desk

Our popular and versatile Crankup desks are a less expensive alternative to our PowerUp desks. Using the manual lift hand crank you can easily transition the height adjustable desk from sitting to standing (and get a little bit of a workout in). Specially created for smooth operation the hand crank system allows you to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing modes. The laminate desktop can hold up to 225 pounds so it can easily handle all your needs.

Who It's For: Budget-conscious shoppers and penny pinchers alike who are interested in a cost-effective desk.

3. UpWrite Standing Desk

Architects engineers and artists alike will benefit from this innovative desk. Like the PowerUp the UpWrite comes with an electronically powered lift system that transforms from a sitting to standing desk with the touch of a button. The UpWrite has a whiteboard surface which is perfect for dry erase markers. Whether you want to easily erase quick sketches or create a long-lasting list or drawing on your desk you'll benefit from the UpWrite.

Who It's For: Artists (and wanna-be artists) and inventors who enjoy doodling drawing and tinkering on their desks.

4. Squared Up Standing Desk

Want a desk that's a little different? The SquaredUp desk is equipped with contour front edges so that everything is within easy reach. And it's perfect for the awkward corner in your office you've never been sure what to do with. Bonus: you can still easily fit a treadmill under the spacious desk.

Who It's For: Anyone who wants a larger workspace.

Now that you're familiar with the different types of UpDesks you won't want to miss out on the accessories. Height-adjustable desks are one great way to usher in a healthier 2015 so you won't want to miss out on one of these desks. If you have any questions about the UpDesk be sure to contact us today. We're happy to assist you on your quest to find the UpDesk that is right for you.

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