Standing desks from UpDesk are a great way to improve mental and physical well-being in your office. But how do you know which of our five office desks is the best fit for your personality? Use this handy standing desk personality guide to figure out which of our office furniture products is right for you.

The PowerUp: The obvious choice for "The Office Gamer"

You keep your old Nintendo Power Glove in a filing cabinet next to your desk and you still remember all the warp points in Super Mario Bros. You've mastered the keyboard shortcut for changing programs so you can switch away from Solitaire and back to Excel every time the boss walks by. That's why the PowerUp is the ultimate standing desk for you. First of all it's called "PowerUp" which is enough to increase productivity for any gaming fanatic. Second it's available in widths of up to 72 inches so it's got plenty of space for your Sega Genesis AND your Atari Lynx.

The CrankUp: Fit for "The Gym Rat"

Does the office manager refuse to give you office supplies because you keep accidentally breaking them with your huge muscles? Do you often find yourself pointing and flexing when someone asks "which way to the copy room?" If any of those sound familiar you'll definitely want to check out the CrankUp desk. It's got a convenient crank that you can use to raise and lower the main work platform. Cranking your desk up and down is really easy so it's actually a terrible workout. That's why it's perfect for people who are already in shape and aren't looking for any additional exercise. And the absence of electronics means the CrankUp costs less so you can save your money for protein shakes and gym memberships.

The SquaredUp: Ideal for "The Social Butterfly"

Maybe it's because you're extra-friendly to new employees maybe it's because you're a good listener or maybe it's because you use good-smelling fabric-softener. No matter the reason people just like to be around you. That's why the SquaredUp is the perfect standing desk for your personality. Its unique shape gives your office buddies plenty of room to pull up a chair.

The UpWrite: Perfect for "The Office Rebel"

Do people tell you that you're a little on the deviant side? Are you a closet graffiti artist? Do you constantly have to remind yourself not to carve your initials into office furniture? The UpWrite could be the perfect office desk for you. Its laminate finish is specially coated so that it can be used with dry and wet-erase markers. Whether you use it to draft a wireframe for a new website or to sketch an outline for your next boxcar "mural" an UpWrite office desk is the perfect outlet for anyone with a creative slightly-rebellious personality.

Now that you know which UpDesk best fits your personality you just need to decide on a color...

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