If you're already looking at buying a standing desk you probably know about all of the health benefits of standing versus sitting. But you may not know why it's worth the investment to purchase a full-size standing desk rather than an adjustable desktop for just your computer.

Let's talk first about desktop solutions that goes on top of your existing desk and holds your computer. Sure you will have the benefit of standing while working. But it's limited. Only your computer monitor and keyboard will be lifted. If you are reading making notes or doing any type of work other than what's on your screen you are going from standing to bending. Talk about a back ache waiting to happen.

Another option may be to use just a laptop stand or computer desk but as we all know from experience you get what you pay for. Another issue with these desktop solutions is that they are a bit unstable. I certainly don't want one of the most valuable assets of my work and life (aka my computer) hanging out on an unsteady surface for the majority of my day.

Lastly you have the option of using a height-adjustable desktop solution but the options here are limited as well since they are sitting on your regular desk. There is not a height option that brings all of your desk to the same level. In other words even when your adjustable desktop is lowered to the lowest setting it is still sitting above the rest of your desk. Even more with office furniture heading in a sleek and modern direction a desktop solution that breaks up the clean lines of your workspace will stick out like a sore thumb.

With an UpDesk standing desk there are no limits. Want to walk on the treadmill while you work? Go for it. Our height adjustable desk allows for that. Want to protect all that is important to you? The UpDesk desktop can handle 300 lbs so it's safe to say that your computer will be well protected.

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