The UpDesk PowerUp and CrankUp desks comes in many different color options including maple mahogany black...and orange. Now you may be asking yourself why orange? What's so special about an orange standing desk rather than the traditional white that is so popular these days?

Well I'm glad you asked...

Oranges (the fruit that is) are known for their great vitamin content to boost energy and immunity. Just like the fruit the color orange is actually known to increase energy. It is a lively color often associated with excitement and enthusiasm. It's also a warm color which means it often acts as a powerful stimulant.

Orange is also the primary color used to get people's attention. Traffic cones and warning signs are orange for a reason. It draws your eyes and attention immediately.

Having an orange desk is certainly something to consider for a creative professional. If you feel like your work needs a fresh surge of creativity consider making the switch to an orange UpDesk to get those juices flowing.

If you work from a home office your walls may be more in the beige or gray family. This can be very soothing but you probably need a pop of color. Don't go through the hassle of repainting or redecorating just add the orange UpDesk to your home office furniture. Not only will the benefits of the standing desk energize you the color change may just give your work that burst of energy you need to get everything accomplished.

Lastly the color orange encourages social connection. If you are working in a shared office space there are probably many times during the day that you and your co-workers need to get together to brainstorm and develop ideas. Working from your orange UpDesk could make these social and creative interactions happen organically and keep everyone in high spirits throughout the day. Once you're together the energy and creativity will be overflowing.

Office furniture sets the tone for your work environment. Do you want an energized healthy and creative workspace? If so orange may be your answer.

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