UpDesk is in the business of standing desks--and for good reason. We truly believe that the benefits of using a standing desk will not only help you feel better they'll also help you live longer. So without further ado here's why we'll never kill our standing desks...

Movement Throughout The Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Recently studies have shown that prolonged sitting is slowly killing us. But if you're in any type of office job you can't build in a lot of physical activity into your 9-to-5 hours. That's why a standing computer desk is such a good idea. This type of desk promotes movement--you can do squats calf raises or simply move around a bit while working and it will help you forego the nasty disadvantages of sitting including cardiovascular disease obesity and other dangerous predicaments.

Height-Adjustable Desks Make It Easy

UpDesk is unique because we offer several types of a height-adjustable stand up desks. Our UpWrite PowerUp and CrankUp all possess the ability to be adjusted whether you feel like sitting or standing. If your legs get tired you won't need to endure the entire work day in pain. Instead by simply pushing a button or using a hand crank your desk converts into something that works with you not against you.

Benefits Are Endless And Noticeable

We could talk all day about the benefits that standing desks bring our customers because they truly are phenomenal and impact so many aspects of life. With a standing desk you notice immediate benefits. Productivity is increased energy level is heightened and your overall health is improved. Morale often gets better and you'll burn more calories. When you buy a standing desk you aren't just buying a desk--you're buying a lifestyle and it will set you up for success.

That's why we'll never kill our standing desks. And those thoughts are reason enough for you to start saving away for one of our desks. With UpDesk's height-adjustable standing desks it's never been more easy to be healthy even when you're in an environment full of cubicles and fluorescent lights!

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