You might have read the title of this blog and thought to yourself... Wow that's a little harsh. Sometimes the truth hurts. It's easy to be skeptical about claims such as the "sitting disease" but have you really sat down STOOD UP and thought about it?

CBS Money Watch published an article today talking about the "adverse health impact of sedentary workplace behaviors" and ways to improve office ergonomics. Dr. James Levine who works at the Mayo Clinic expressed his concern of the ill effects of prolonged sitting as well. Watch the short video clip below.


After reading the article and watching the video I couldn't help but think of the positive impacts UpDesk is having on today's work force. It's the perfect solution for integrating better health and convenience for three main reasons:

1. Ability to go up or down. There are several standing desk options that don't allow the user to move up or down. In other words they're fixed in one position all day. This might prove difficult for many people (especially in the beginning stages).

    2. Its ergonomic design. UpDesk is ergonomically designed to fit you and your workflow. Naturally daily productivity increases. Electrical activity in the leg muscles shuts off calorie burning drops to 1 per minute and enzymes that help break down fat drop 90% as soon as you sit... Need I say more?

    3. Power or Crank Versions: We know getting a new desk is a big investment. That's why we wanted to provide options. Our CrankUps are priced under $700 and our PowerUps are under $1000. Either way you get a great adjustable desk that moves you closer toward the healthy lifestyle you're looking for.

    In the article the writer outlines a few small ways to improve office ergonomics. I've added some additional notes on how the UpDesk compliments each suggestion.

    - Ask your company whether it will invest in a stand-up desk for you. Some businesses will especially if you provide a note from your doctor. Most companies are going to have an issue with the costs involved for transitioning to a standing desk; however it's a beneficial investment for both the employer AND employee. Do some research and you'll find UpDesk is competitively priced.

    - Stand whenever you can. If you're not typing at your PC work standing up. You can stand to take phone calls for example. UpDesk gives the user freedom from sitting by smoothly transitioning up (or down) to a fully customizable height. Once you've found the perfect height simply set the electric programmable controller.s

    - Hold walking/standing meetings. This may have the added benefit of making gatherings shorter which is great because everyone hates long meetings. With an UpDesk you can have as many standing meetings as you want and make them as short as you want. Literally you could have them at 26.5 inches...

    There is definitely a lot of consideration when thinking about purchasing a standing desk for the office or home. We strongly believe UpDesk offers everything you need to rid yourself of the sitting disease. However you'll never know unless you try it. Are you ready to take a stand?


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