Did you know that standing desks are good for people with chronic back pain? A study published in October in the journal "Preventing Chronic Disease" found that participants who used standing desks at their workstations reduced upper back and neck pain by 54 percent. Plus it improved their moods.

Tim Enwright a physical therapist and the clinical manager of The Christ Hospital Physical and Occupational Therapy Centers believes that standing desks can help reduce chronic back pain. "Neck and back problems are often due to cumulative stresses such as sitting with bad posture all day" he explained. The spine is naturally shaped like an "S" but prolonged periods of slouching cause it to turn to a "C" with the head and neck protruding forward and the shoulders and lower back hunched. This is especially common for individuals who spend extended amounts of time at a desk or in front of a computer.

Enwright stated that standing encourages individuals to maintain the correct S-curve which reduces strain and stress for those with back pain. "When you sit in a chair with poor posture the chair will still hold you up. But you are placing stress on your spine and the supporting soft tissues which may lead to injury over time. When you're standing you may still slouch but you have limited options and there is less stress placed on your spine." Individuals who suffer from existing back issues may find that a height adjustable desk will reduce the stress on their back.

Most health experts believe that workers should frequently change their posture throughout the course of the day. Our height adjustable desks make it easy for you to find the optimal balance between sitting and standing so that you can achieve maximum productivity at work. Want to learn more about how our stand up desks can help you? Contact us today with any questions you have and we will be happy to chat!

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