An UpDesk isn't just another standing desk just like a Moleskine notebook isn't just another notebook. That's because an UpDesk (and a Moleskine notebook) both make important statements. But what kind of a statement do they make?

Let's set the stage: You sit down for a meeting with a potential business associate - we'll call him Elliott. The first thing he does is whip out a notebook to jot down some notes. But it's not just any notebook - it's a Moleskine notebook. Whoa... this changes everything. Before we saw the Moleskine notebook we assumed Elliott was just an average guy. Now we know him to be a guy who's creative and socially conscious. Otherwise he'd have a boring old yellow legal pad.

Okay perhaps we're assuming a little too much about Elliott. But let's face it: Unique office supplies like Moleskine notebooks make a statement. And so do unique computer desks like UpDesks. So what kind of statement does your UpDesk make?

You're forward-thinking.

Sure you could have settled for a traditional office desk. But you didn't. You're not afraid of change and you weren't afraid to change things up and choose a desk that made you more productive. And if you were that forward-thinking when you picked out your office furniture imagine how forward-thinking you are about your work.

You're on top of things.

When you stand up at your desk you're on top of your computer electronic devices and your office supplies too. Because the ergonomic curve in your desk puts everything you need right at your fingertips. And you're on top of your work too. You understand the latest industry trends and you're in control of every situation just like you're in control of the level of the desktop height on your SquaredUp standing desk.

You're not afraid to be unique.

You're not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Let everyone else in your department keep their identical-looking traditional-style office desks. Let them give you dirty looks when you push the button to effortlessly and silently raise the desktop on your PowerUp. They're giving you dirty looks because they envy you for your individuality for your increased productivity and for your improved posture. They each wish they'd been the first person in the department to switch to a standing desk.

UpDesk standing desks and Moleskine notebooks each project a certain image. But unlike a Moleskine notebook an UpDesk actually performs better (remember the health and productivity benefits we talked about earlier?) than its traditional office desk counterpart. That's why UpDesk standing desks are the new Moleskine notebooks.

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