Here at UpDesk we're always trying to think of ways to help you maximize the potential of your standing desk. Whether it's switching to healthier snacks adjusting your posture or even trademarking a few signature dance moves as the office trendsetter there are always ways to increase the already amazing benefits of a height adjustable desk from UpDesk.

And what's one more way to get the most out of your UpDesk? Exercise of course! We've already covered some great exercises you can do from your desk and some handy yoga moves to keep you flexible and ready for anything - but did you know there are also some easy-to-use workout equipment you can keep at your desk too? And since standing desks like the PowerUp and UpWrite are higher off the ground than a normal computer desk or workstation you can easily store everything right at your feet.

  1. Balance Ball - Not ready to make the full-time switch to standing but still hoping to phase out that pesky desk chair sooner rather than later? Opt for a large exercise balance ball. Not only can it help you get your posture straightened out (pun intended) a balance ball can also work various areas of your core muscles throughout the day.
  2. Resistance Bands - A simple resistance band can easily fit in a drawer - or any nook or cranny really - but this small item packs a powerful punch. You can stretch and tone everything from your back to your arms to your butt and even to your legs. What better way to keep your legs loose and standing comfortably all day?
  3. Balance Discs - These small air-filled discs are a great way to keep you focused improve your posture and balance and have fun while at work and they're perfect for a standing desk. Just try balancing on this all day while you're typing on your computer or writing down notes - it's a lot harder than it looks but it's an awesome way to keep yourself standing all day.
  4. Kettlebells - These funny-looking weights are actually even better than normal hand weights. For one thing because their weight isn't evenly distributed they are more of a challenge than dumbbells and can tone almost every part of your body (including your arms shoulders and even your core) with just one piece of equipment. Plus if your annoying coworker won't leave you alone you can always "accidentally" swing your kettlebell in their's that for personal space?
  5. Office Photocopier - Hard-hitting news outlet The Onion recently had a great idea for fitting in a quick cardio workout while at the office. Just strap that office printer to your back and run a few laps. You'll be feeling the burn in no time. (We are TOTALLY kidding about this by the way. Please don't try this and then blame us when you get weird looks around the office...or fired. Plus you might get injured and we don't like that.)

With these trusty workout accessories at your standing desk you will be an unstoppable force for the stand up desk revolution at your office. Keep UpDesk updated on all your office workout routines and other innovative ways you are using your UpDesk - we may even include it in next month's social media round up!

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