When David Pogue founder of Yahoo Tech spotlighted UpDesk's PowerUp standing desk we were pumped--and still are. It's not just that he's a crazy awesome guy having been the personal technology columnist for the New York Times for 13 years or the fact that he's won two Emmy Awards and been profiled on "48 Hours" and "60 Minutes." Those things are all fantastic but we were mostly elated because his approval and accolades of standing desks (namely our standing desk--yahoo!) means that things are a-changing in the world of office furniture and office desks.

Could the desk chair be kicked out of every office sooner rather than later?

In the beginning of his article Pogue gives insight into the fact that "sitting is the new smoking." He called out some studies that give the scary statistics and show that yes sitting is slowly killing people. And then Pogue delved into two standing desks the PowerUp being one office desk he featured.

He compares UpDesk's office desk to another leading standing desk brand and here's what he comes away with. First the PowerUp desk can support and lift at least 300 pounds of equipment while our competitor's limit is 75 pounds. And the PowerUp is a quarter of the competitor's cost. That's a whole lot of money--for not a whole lot of difference.

Pogue also mentioned our UpWrite saying "It's kind of awesome." And we agree - it is kind of awesome.

Finally I want to leave you with something Pogue said that strikes a chord when considering switching to a standing computer desk. He asked "If you love life don't you want to do everything possible to make yours longer?" Point taken.

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